Low-maintenance, easy to operate.
The contact-free Turbiwell nephelometers.

Contact-free Turbidity Measurement; EN ISO

based on ISO 7027 (EN 27027, DIN 38404)

Applications: Potable Water, Pure Water, Surface Water Treatment and Effluent

AMI Turbiwell 7027
Contact-free Turbidity Measurement; US EPA

approved alternative method to US EPA 180.1

Application: Potable Water

AMI Turbiwell w/LED
Corrosion Trend Monitoring in Water Steam Cyles

based on ISO 7027 (EN 27027, DIN 38404)

Application: Feedwater

AMI Turbiwell Power

Dependable data in (un)clear sight

Turbidity Measurement
under Process Pressure Conditions

Applications: Pure Water

AMI Turbitrack
Trace Turbidity Monitoring
with Automatic Zero Adjustment

Applications: Pure and Ultrapure Water

AMI Turbitrace