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Complete control over your cooling water loop

A number of treatment products are often added to prevent corrosion, scaling and fouling. Coating of sensors and other effects of these products must be taken into account when selecting analyzers. Discharge monitoring needs special attention because zero measurements must be reliable over time with little maintenance. Swan Monitors are designed to do just that.

Full Cooling Water Product Range


AMI Solicon4


AMI Trides (reagent-free, various disinfectants)

AMI Codes-II (photometric, various disinfectants)

AMI Codes-II CC (free, combined and total chlorine)

AMI Codes-II TC (total chlorine and calculation of dichloramine)


AMI pH-Redox; QV-Flow (pH OR Redox)

AMI pH/mV:pH/mV; M-Flow (pH AND Redox)


AMI Phosphate-II

AMI Phophate HL (high level)

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