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Pool Water

Public health authorities in some countries regulate the quality of water in public pools and control water treatment tightly. A typical installation comprises several instruments with a common web-server for access via intranet or internet.

Typical Pool Instrumentation

Pool Water Downloads


Pool Water Brochure

The complete overview of all instruments forpool and sanitary water, sorted by parameter.

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Full Pool Water Product Range


AMI Trides (reagent-free, various disinfectants)

Codes-II (photometric, various disinfectants)

Codes-II CC (differentiated chlorine monitoring)


AMI Solicon 4


AMI Oxysafe

pH and REDOX (ORP)

AMI pH/mV:pH/mV Pool


Chematest 30

Chematest 35 (with external sensor connector for pH, redox and conductivity)
Chematest 42

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