About Swan

Swiss Quality Analytical Instruments

Swan is a global leading provider of online analytical systems in the water industry. The current product portfolio ranges from ultrapure water (like pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications), feedwater, steam and condensate monitoring as well as potable water and industrial water treatment up to swimming pool and sanitary water applications.

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*SWAN Headquarters in 8340 Hinwil, Switzerland

The Swan Group

The complexity of water monitoring in different applications asks for specialists in every aspect of it. The Swan group consists of a common, global and regionally organized sales and customer service network. As one we are your one stop shop for all online water monitoring for water applications.

Swan Analytical Instruments

Development and Production of Swan Online Water Monitors.

Swan Systems Engineering

Tailor-made solutions for water steam sampling and analysis systems

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Seres OL

Complimentary online water and hydrocarbon monitoring.

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Committed to Water since 1991

Swan was founded on January 1st, 1991 by a group of experienced engineers (chemists, physicist, electronic engineers). It has been concentrating its efforts on the development and manufacturing of process analytical instruments for monitoring the water quality.

In the beginning, only 10 people worked for Swan, including the founders. They first concentrated on swimming pool and sanitary water applications as well as waste water treatment. Very soon Swan set the standard for the control of many other water quality parameters.

In fact, the company expanded their activities to the power generation market (Water-Steam-Cycle monitoring) and semiconductor industries. With entry into the power market, the rapid growth of Swan started.

Today, more than 117 people work for Swan in Switzerland, and approximately 275 people worldwide. Even the founders, part of the Director’s Board, are still active in the research and development department of Swan.