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Who we are

Complete Online Water Steam Cycle Monitoring Solution

Swan Systems Engineering is a global leading provider of online analytical systems and services in the steam and water industry, with no territorial or technological limitations. Our mission is to deliver a reliable and high-performance system, ensuring our customers are well served during and after a contract execution.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the sector and more than 200 projects, Swan Systems has demonstrated the technical and economic viability of a state-of-the-art Swiss made analytical system based on the use of the highest quality components on the market, latest technology analyzers and best in class engineering. Safe operation of the systems is our top priority. Therefore, we emphasize robust and lowmaintenance systems for reliable control and continuous operation.

Your Single Source Supplier

We provide specific assessments and analysis based on plant inspections for the optimization and modernization
of existing systems, as well as maintenance contracts to ensure the plant runs smoothly, reliably, and cost-efficiently. When designing a sampling system we focus on following key elements

• Understanding the process from which the sample originates and the purpose of the measurements
• Conditioning of sample temperature, pressure and flow in all operating conditions
• Measuring the required parameters with suitable and reliable instruments
• Providing remote measurement signals and alarms allowing clear validation of the measurements at DCS level

We provide assembly and testing of designed systems, start-up and commissioning, maintenance, and training as well as after sales service.

Water-Steam-Cycle Project References

Reference List

An overview of successfully finished projects since 2001.
Worldwide and with the type of application specified.


What we offer

Swan Systems – Your Expert in Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS)

Turn-key Solutions for newly built plants

We suggest alternatives and improvements where we consider the specification to be unclear or incomplete. Our primary goal is to deliver a SWAS fit for the planned application so you can rely upon the function of your system for a long-lasting period of operation.

Refurbishment of existing SWAS

A refurbishment project requires proper specification to define design, associated cost, and execution time. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs and requirements, improving and simplifying the systems whilst ensuring consistent performance and validation of the measurements.

Customized Solutions

Whether outdoor, indoor installation or special skids and cabinets are required, Swan Systems Engineering provides a custom-made SWAS. All components are grouped and arranged in a modular and readable manner allowing easy access, operation and maintenance.

Engineering and Services

As an expert in the field of online water analyzers, we are your partner of choice when it comes to defining the functional requirements of a SWAS package. We can provide general consulting services.

Global Representation

Our customer-focused sales network consists of Swan subsidiaries in 15 countries and official contractual international partnerships in 62 more countries around the globe. With our international sales and support network present, we are a dependable business partner, wherever you are located.

Swan Systems Product Range

Complete Steam and Water Analysis and Sampling Systems (SWAS)

Turn-key water-steam sampling and analysis systems and related services. Shelter-based sampling system for outdoor installation.

SWAS Brochure

KEPAS – Sampling & Analyzing Station

Pre-defined sampling and analyzing station for drum boilers with single pressure stage.

Download KEPAS FlyerDownload Technical Systems Description

SLP – Single Line Panel

Pre-assembled rack or frame-based single line panel for a water or steam sample. Typically used where local monitoring of a single sample is required, usually return condensates or district heating water.

Download SLP FlyerDownload SLP Datasheet